Subsea solutions:

Breakthrough solution to eliminate hydrates and wax deposites in subsea wells

Electric heating keeps the temperature inside the pipeline above the temperature of paraffin and hydrates formation, ensuring uninterrupted flow of the fluid, oil, or petrochemicals in the subsea pipeline and subsea oil well. We offer a full range of solutions for heating medium-sized pipelines (up to 120 m), as well as for heating long and extra-long pipelines up to 150 km long.

DeepTrace complies with specific requirements of electric systems operating in harsh subsea environments:

• Environmental safety standards
• Challenging subsea installation and construction conditions
• High heat transfer coefficient into the water environment
• Electric systems operated underwater need to be 100% leak-proof
• High pressure inside the pipeline
• Storm weather
• Sea ice
• Seismic activity

For these reasons we only use fire-, explosion-safe, chemical and corrosion-resistant materials and equipment.

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